Layout overview Part 1 – The Mainline

Here are a couple of photos to show the current state of the Cleveland & Eastern.

We follow the Mainline Eastbound from Westend Staging “Cleveland” to East-End Staging “Harrisburg”
In both Staging areas I work with storage cassettes built from angled alloy strips.

West-End Staging. Trains and cars are stored inside the staging cassetes

Exiting the West-End Staging leads us to Greenhill Jct. It is currently work in progress, and we will later exit a tunnel prior to the junction switch, which will be DCC controlled and governed by CPLs.

We move further to Elizabeth Oaks, where some local switching can be performed.

Industries in this spot are :
East Grain Mill
Dan’s Oil
Craftman Tools

Dan’s Oil and Craftman Tools are sharing the same spur, which is a switchback from the local teamtrack behind the depot.

Elizabeth Oaks also has a yard, that acts as the main distribution yard on the layout, and a small engine service facility.

As we leave Elizabeth Oaks, we pass Franklin Road and approach a single industry Mid-East Furniture, which is a relief-building with three car spots

The Elizabeth Oaks section was on public display during the 6th US Modelrailroad Convention, Rodgau Germany in 2017. Youtuber BD-Train captured the overall scene in a short video :

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