Engine Shed for Elizabeth Oaks

Lately I was busy to get a long term project done. Elizabeth Oaks Yard is a place on my layout where changes in track configuration occurred often in the past four years. Along with the rearrangement of the tracks, I was shuffling around the right spot for an engine shed.

Now with the most recent update to the yard/shop configuration I found a neat place behind the turntable. I decided to add a single stall shed with a little adjacent building.

After nailing down the minimum space requirements, I had to decide whether I would go with a full sized shed on the cost of track length – there would be no room to store a loco in front of the shed, or go with a relief building to free more track length in front of the shed. I decided on the later option and went with the relief – did I mention that this section has a curved backdrop ? Fun with serveral paper templates to get the correct wall lenght.

The base structure is made of evergreen V-groove sheets reinforced by 2×2 mm styrene strips on the back of each siding. The rollup door is made of the same material, but I scribed every second groove and secured the segments with tape on the back.

I will add a corrugated roof later after the structure is primed in a light grey color.

Shed with roof on its later place, ready for some weathering.

The finished shed, it will take some more time to get a ton of tiny parts in place around the area.

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