Junction signaling Part III

Recently I made some more progress on the signalling of Bend Jct.
I started the assembling of the masts for the color position light signals.

The mast is made out of a 1.1 mm brass tubing for the upper mast section and 1.5 mm brass tubing for the lower mast section. The 1.1 mm tubing fits into the 1.5 mm tube.

The tubes were cut to length, and I got my manual drill out to drill 4 holes, each 0.5 mm diameter into the upper section 2 for the pins on the signal head and two for the magnet wires.

I also placed the service podest and ladders that I had made for this project out of 0.2 mm nickle-silver metal sheets.

In a next step I soldered the parts in place and glued the mast to a 3D printed socket. A little jig helps to get the correct spacing of the platform parts.

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