C&E 1295, Part 2

Here is part 2 of C&E 1295 making.

In Part 1 I addressed the prominent rust spots on the roof. In this part, I want to show how the more blurred rust and exhaust grime is achieved.

For the cab roof, I started with fading the green to almost white with white pigment powders and a large, soft brush. Depending on the fading grade, several layers are needed to get the right look. Each layer is sealed with a dull coat over spray.

As on the other rust sections, I start off with natural sienna colored pigments. Dry dabbing on a spot on the roof and distributing the excess pigments around the spot with a soft wide brush. In this case, I had two spots and started to blend both together in three layers. Each layer sealed with dull coat.

Next I used a darker tone and made smaller spots on top of the previous ones, always blending both together.

The final layer is a small spot with a tiny amount of burned umber blending into the other layers.
For the bit of exhaust grime, I gave the cab a light brush from front to rear with some dark gray pigments.

For the grime around the exhaust stacks, I used several layers of black pigments. Always only a light amount of pigments, brushed on from the stack out to the roof.

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