Modifications II

On my previous post about the ongoing modifications on the Cleveland & Eastern I talked about the ideas and expectations I have on the alteration of the layout.

Well, a few weeks later I can summarize the modification as success !

We ran our first Operation Session mid January with the new layout and it feels like the newly established “Greenhill Sub” works well and Elizabeth Oaks Yard is now really working as it handles traffic for both, the old mainline and the new – southbound – Greenhill Branch.

So I will continue with this setup for the future.

Looking into the walkway between Elizabeth Oaks (right) and Red-Rock (left), the new alteration is completed. I have realigned the coal loader (far left) and added a new dedicated teamtrack (close-left) to Red-Rock. Greenhill Junction can be seen on the far right. The opening in the backdrop is the connection to Cleveland Staging.

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