Adding some hoppers to the roster II

I managed to finish the new hoppers today. I added a total of 6 H21 hoppers for the coal service. And did some zebra-skewers …

more on the skewers at the end of this post.

All six hoppers in various aged states … yes, there are 7 in the photo. The one on the upper left side was for reference while working on the others.

The photo above shows the final assembly, but after the weathering is before the truck assembly … and before this can happen I had to paint all trucks and all wheels.

For the wheels I use my paper axle holder which fits 8 wheels and for the trucks – well here is the truck skewer.

The trucks are held in place and distance to each other on the skewer by one or two rounds of masking tape.

Easy handling for all the trucks for 6 hoppers. Leaving this beautiful pattern on the skewer.

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